3 Reasons to buy The Thought Report 2011

So after reading through the website, you've established that The Thought Report is a pretty good idea, for a good cause, and probably worth your time reading - but why should you buy it? Why should you have to part with your hard earned cash to buy a copy? Well here's three very good reasons to buy The Thought Report 2011.

1. It's for charity!
December is the time of year for two things - TTR, and Christmas! So what better way to celebrate holiday cheer and pass good will around the world than to support a charity - and here's the best part - you get a free book with it!

2. Eco Friendly!
Whether you live inside a wind turbine or recycle the odd bottle, we all know that it helps to be good to the world - so we've tried to make the book as eco-friendly as possible, without costing you too much. Instead of filling up half the page with writing and wasting the rest, we've left no area untouched, saving on paper - not only making it easier to pack, but saving a few trees as well. If that wasn't enough, each book will be made to order, which means no wasteful backlogs - if you buy five, we'll print five, you buy a hundred, we'll print a hundred - which means no waste.

3. The Writers!
If you want a reason to buy The Thought Report this year, look no further than the writers - from a variety of countries, ages, jobs and genders, we've picked only the most talented, diverse, and brilliant team of writers that we could get our hands on. If you don't believe us, find them and their blogs on our About the Authors section!